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12. Aug., 2009 @ 10:32 (intet emne)
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last night i had a dream that i was in this little mom and pop gift shop in an old house off on the side of the road somewhere.  I was down on the floor looking at a display of hand made sodas.  A first they were in regular bottles and i was just interested in the flavor then this beautiful indian/asian girl wearing a black pirate suit made of the same material i had used to make a halloween costume this past year.  She came over to the counter and said that she knew the bartender (apparently this gift shop was now a bar as well) and he knew she was having a bad day so he gave her some bourbon.  She asked the owner if she would mind to mix her up a drink and they had a long conversation about the legalities of it.  I'm not sure if they ended up doing it or not, i think that was just an introduction of this girl.  I got back down on the floor and started bottle  gazing again, however this time I wasn't looking for flavor i was looking for bottle art.  I decided on the second largest one, it was in the back and orange, it also flopped back and forth from glass to plastic.  I picked it up and it was $19.27.  I decided to buy it.  I walked over the counter, the bottle turned into a kids book set.  I looked through the book set and decided it was still  good buy.  The girl came back this time wearing nun robes that were ripped to shreds only covering the top part of her body.  I could see her vagina and she picked up some pipes she was going to use to make a nun-mobile.  I went out side (I'm not sure if i ever bought the book set) but Leah was there and she was starring at the hill behind the house and there was a pile of trash the size of a VW bug rolling up and down the hill in between the fences never getting to close.  We stood between a tree and a fence in a gravel parking lot and watched the trash.  The girl came over and started working on her nun-mobile on the floor next to Leah, me and the tree.  It was a scary thing, the ball of trash,  but I wasn't afraid.  I think i wanted something bad to happen. 
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