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21. Jun., 2008 @ 11:45 water in my ear
So i just got back from the beach the day before yesterday.  While i was there, after everytime i got into the water i had alot in my ears.  I tried many different methods of getting it out; alcohol, hair dryer, hot rock... but nothing worked.  Well it began to make me feel really terrible, not only in my ears but all of my sinuses.  Right now i feel like i have a full on sinus infection. 
Question 1.  Do you think this sinus infection feeling is  from the water in my ears??
Question 2.  Shoud i get ear drops or just take sinus medicine?>and what type do you recommend?
I dont ever really use medicine but i have to go to work in like an hour where i will be lifting and moving heavy things in the sun and i would really like to be feelng better before all off that.
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